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Vintage Arctic Cat

Out with the new

in with the old!

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Wanted: Dave is looking for a NOS or a perfect used seat cover for a 73 or a 74 Eltigre. Dave can be reached at
Wanted: Mike is looking for a parts index for a 72 Panther. I do not have this parts manual, so if anyone out there has one, please get in touch with Mike. if you want, you can scan the pages 7 send them to me also. I can use them here. Mike can be reached at
Wanted: Kate is looking for factory exhaust side pipes for a 70 Panther 634 H. Kate is also interested in any odds & ends parts. Kate can be reached at
Info wanted: Sledhead is looking for info on a 74 Cheetah with a 400 kawasaki engine in it. He would also like help with getting the track off. If you can help him, please send him an email at

Wanted or trade: John Tieben is looking for a Z440. He has a '78 El Tigre & a '81 El Tigre that he will trade for a Z440. John can be reached at

For Sale: Stephane Boudreau from Quebec has a 1964 model 100 for sale. Stephane can be reached at 514-624-1202

Wanted: Bob is looking for hood decals for a '72 Puma 399. Bob also has questions about Walbro WF carbs. Bob can be contacted at
Wanted: Scott is looking for a back bumper for a '71 EXT. Scott can be contacted at
Wanted: Zack is looking for a windshield for a 440 EXT ElTigre. No year was given. Contact Zack at
Wanted: Noname(hehe) is looking for a vintage cat cutter as well as a late 60's four cycle Cat. Contact Noname at ckmaurer@execpc(that is all I received. I hope this person contacts me again & gives me his email at least.)
Wanted: JP is looking for an engine & recoil starter for a '68-'69 Panther. Contact JP at

Info Wanted: Matt is looking for point gap, spark plug gap, & carb adjustments for a '72 Panther. Matt can be reached at Just a note, I have a message board on this site, & I was hoping that people would use it for this kind of info.....just a note!